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Monday, April 03, 2006

Brand Value: China Mobile #4 Brand

According to a Millward Brown study, China Mobile is now the world's #4 ranked brand, behind Coke, GE and MSFT, but ahead of brands like IBM and our own Citibank.

This isn't just a financial ranking like Interbrand's study, instead, according to one of the MB execs, "This is the first study that goes beyond financial data and 'expert opinion' to include in-market insights about a brand's strengths and momentum from potential customers."

The Top Ten, ranked in $ millions are:

1. Microsoft Corporation ($62,039)
2. GE ($55,834)
3. Coca-Cola ($41.406)
4. China Mobile ($39,168)
5. Marlboro cigarettes ($38,510)
6. Wal-Mart ($37,567)
7. Google ($37,445)
8. IBM ($38,084)
9. Citigroup ($31.028)
10. Toyota ($30,201)

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