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Monday, April 03, 2006

Trend: User-Created: Operation McFly

This week in User-Created...

There seems to be a global movement to petition Nike to manufacture the fictional Marty McFly Nikes from the '80s film Back To The Future 2. Nike originally created the gray "moonboots" sneakers for the film, but they were never made available to the public (technically, the film takes place in perhaps they are waiting to maintain complete accuracy!).

Over 7000 signatures so far...Sign the petition at

*i notice George W Bush signed the petition at #7815. good going Geo!

via diablogue


El Gaffney said...

a look at last year's life aquatic team zissou adidas craze's backlash from gawker -

"Open Letter to the People Who Want Team Zissou Adidas
To: Signers of this petition

We, the undersigned, request that you stop being such shameless pseudo-hipster lifestyle sheep. Just because self-appointed taste makers like Wes Anderson and Tara Subkoff saw fit to slow the already bloated narrative of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou with a throw away scene involving Zissou-branded Adidas shoes doesn't mean you have to take the bait. Just as you didn't have to wear every piece of gear The Beastie Boys (circa 1993) or The Strokes (circa 1999) wore, you do not have to fall for this pandering, embarrassing, suffocatingly precious sight gag."

see the full article here:

that said, those mcfly's are tight.

Anonymous said...

The McFlys are hot.

There's more info in this interview, you can check it out

Lachlan said...

pretty fly for a white guy indeed.

Anonymous said...

The Vulture interviewed Al Cabino