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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Inbox of Immaturity

I'm out tomorrow. Plus it's been too long since the last one. If you weren't convinced the content was living up the title in the past, this should do the trick. A sign that it's getting warmer (even on the internet where temperature doesn't change!... I don't think). I've included my buddies' comments, so you know I didn't send them all (though I'm sure guilt by association applies). Please be advised this post is Rated I. Or R, if you're more familiar with that rating system, for Strong language, Violence and Brief nudity. That said, betta not bring yo' kids. Enjoy.

7. We humans sure love a guy that can pretend to be a robot while music is playing -
6. I love that this is described as a 'graphic novel' -
5. Click on her picture to see what a miracle of modern science looks like -
4. If we can help that dude out with the 3some we should help this fella bed a hot blonde -
3. In the name of Jesus... biatch! -
2. This guy is an absolute genius. his counter is going up almost 1000 hits a minute. this baby is airborn, its like ebola and the black death had a viral child and it was this site -
1. Ghetto, you've got 4 more years to do #3, tbov -#14, paul - #15, jake - #44. #18 is classic -


Jason Peck said...

You should add Facebook to your "public speaks" section. A study by trendcrunch late last year showed that over 85% of college students at Facebook-supported colleges have an account. That's pretty huge.

El Gaffney said...

good call. i'll see if aki can make that happen. facebook is an interesting beast with a LOT of potential. online advertising opportunity aside, they have recently started thinking smarter about engaging brands in an appropriate/non-intrusive way. for example, from a businessweek article late 2005: "Last spring they noticed that students were starting groups with names like Apple Students, where they swapped information about how to use their Macs. So he asked Apple if it wanted to form an official group. Now -- for a fee neither company will disclose -- Apple sponsors the group, giving away iPod Shuffles in weekly contests, making product announcements, and providing links to its student discount program."

"The idea worked so well that Facebook began helping anyone who wanted to start a group. Today there are more than a dozen, including several sponsored by advertisers such as Victoria's Secret and Electronic Arts."

college students and young alumni obviously want free stuff... but this can't be the reason marketers "get in" facebook. just like all advertising, they can smell it a mile away and authenticity and revelance just the costs of entry. that's why apple's ex. works so well.

El Gaffney said...

Update on Facebook and social networks on AdAge -

"And to her, a lot of the attraction is in the lack of commercial interference. "There isn't some corporate guy at Apple who started the 'I Can't Live Without My iPod' Facebook group," she wrote. "It is led by a group of kids who really cannot live without their iPod.""

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