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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Study: Who's Your World Cup Favorito?

As much as it kills me to root for this squad, I do want what's best for our planet... and a recent report by ABN Amro, called Soccernomics, predicts the world economy would benefit most from an Italian win at this year's World Cup. Therefore, if 2 countries move forward from Group D, I want them to be the US and Italy (not the US and Ghana as previously desired). An excerpt from the press release:

"Although the direct economic impact (higher sales in bars and cafes) is marginal, good performances on the pitch can certainly stimulate an economy. In the past, countries winning the World Cup added around 0.7% to their economic growth. And at the last three tournaments the winning country's stock market considerably outperformed the losing finalist's market. On average there was 10% positive effect in the winner and a 25% negative effect in the loser."

Obviously they don't know the type of drinking that will go down at Lyon's with an English victory - our dept. and the American women who're suddenly interested in free kicks.

See the full report here (where you'll also find a project outcome for the tourney):

via PSFK, via Influx, via ? - I'm clearly not breaking any news.

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