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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Interactive TV station to launch in July

is the first entry by a former real estate tycoon, into the interactive TV channel category. Essentially, it's a channel that will feature all day interactive game shows. You participate at home through a pretty nifty wifi enabled super remote and compete for up to 5 million in prizes every day.

In a launch press release issued a couple days ago, the owner Frank Maggio has issued a bold claim, he says ReacTV will: Pass more homes on its launch date than the legendary MTV network on its first day, and to top MTV’s current average advertising ratings within 500 days of ReacTV’s launch.

I don't know about this one, while it will offer a pretty interesting interactive platform for advertisers, it doesn't feel to me that people will want to play interactive games all that much. There may be initial interest but my guess is that it will wane unless they can figure out more creative ways to use the interactivity.

If they can survive long enough to do that, it could evolve into something pretty interesting. They should open up development of their platform too, that would speed up innovation.

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