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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trend: Tech Etiquette

We have previously pointed out the growing conflicts of gadgets on social decorum - and we've given it a new name each time.

Continuous Partial Attention here and here. Gadgets and Antisocial Behavior here. Gadget Isolationism and Podding Out here

I rather like this nomenclature provided by Christian Science Monitor on TECH ETIQUETTE, here. I suppose the Macro-Trend of TECH ETIQUETTE may still house Micro-Trends such as Podding Out and CPA (but we do get a bit name-happy sometimes, don't we?).

From the perspective of executives polled by Robert Half Technology, some stat-bites:

*Two-thirds say that breaches in tech-etiquette are increasing
*Nearly 90 percent think it is inappropriate to leave a cellphone ringer on during a business meeting
*80 percent say sending instant messages or e-mail in meetings is a definite "don't"
*Two-thirds consider it poor etiquette to use personal computers during these sessions.

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