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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Measurement: A new entrant in the people meter market

WSJ has an article about IMMI, a new entrant in the increasingly crowded people meter biz. This one uses a special cell phone that listens in on your life every 30 seconds and transmits it, "mathematically altered so your conversations can't be understood" back to a server where it is supposedly analyzed and stored. The findings from all of these programs have yet to be reported so I remain skeptical about what they'll actually deliver.

A poster over on Slashdot says the deal here is free cell phone service. This doesn't strike me as the most useful demographic for researching. The vast majority of the other posters hate the idea and I agree. I'd rather pay the $50 a month than subject my life to monitoring - so (I think) would anyone else I'd like to reach.


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