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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Trend: Information Aesthetics: iTunes Signature Maker

To Mark Nelson's point the explosion of information is dense. We need shortcuts to display lots with less.

Everyone always asks, "what kind of music do you like?" This site develops a condensed audio "Signature" that blends snippets from all your iTunes library to create a one-minute sound montage (it ends up sounding like the secret song at the end of Beatles' White Album).

So now you don't have to stammer and try to describe your sound, just play 'em your signature! Hear others in the gallery link.

Get your personal iTunes Signature analyzed at


El Gaffney said...

this is tight. music passionistas (and snobs) would love this... especially the underground (literally, guy in a basement) feel of the page. my hipster friends in nyc are already starting to pass along to each other to see how many songs they can recognize in their signatures.

Adrian said...

It's a really cool idea but when I ran it, it chose some weird songs from my collection that I don't play that much.

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It is an awesome concept, I really like it, so much simpler to describe the kind of music one likes.