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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Evian "Detox" Comes Alive

I've noticed a rather clever new positioning for Evian recently.

The new Evian "Detox" campaign positions Evian water as the ubiquitous antidote to overindulgences, such has holiday season excess.

This holistic positioning moves the brand above just being about another natural spring water; it concocts in the commercial imagination a more inspirational story, which complements the brand's spa businesses.

Evian Spas in France and Shanghai provide an urban sanctuary, with a serene environment that is further enhanced by touches of Zen and art. The spa offers state-of-the-art treatments. Guests at the spa are greeted at the entrance by a serene, manicured Japanese rock garden in a dramatic 35-meter-high atrium.

Naturally, Evian spring water is used liberally throughout the spa experience. The water, described by the company as being "aged like wine," is used to brew tea served during consultations; it is also used in deep-hydration treatments for the hair, body, and feet.

Pop-up spas have also appeared recently, such as in NYC and at the Oscars in Beverly Hills.

The Hotel Victor features an Evian Experience for those staying in the $6K per nite penthouse suite. The experience consists of a tub surrounded by candles and gerber daisies, and filled with 1000 liters of Evian valued at $5000.