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Monday, April 10, 2006

Irony: Disney turns to the Web to force you to watch commercials

The NYT reports that Disney will release some of its shows on the web the day after they're aired. The catch, in order to watch them you have to watch the commercials.

This seems like a back to the future move which is so counter-intuitive it may actually make sense. I think that advertisers might actually look more favorably on full attention from a web-savvy audience even though it may be smaller, over being ignored by a mass audience on TV.

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A. said...

how about this for a back to future approach that could be thought of as thoroughly modern:

BROUGHT TO YOU BY... as an ad model.

making it clear to viewers that you're watching this show because the good people at [blank advertiser] paid for the production of it. it's a soap opera (in the original sense), "Quiz Show" approach that i think would be welcomed as consumers increasingly ask advertisers what the hell we're doing for them (as opposed to what we're doing for ourselves). ford did this a couple times when they sponsored commercial free season premiers of 24 on fox.