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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Trend: Citizen Journalism: People Paparazzi Redux

In Jan we posted about a growing list of mobile services such as Scoopt, which sells pictures taken by any mobile phone user to tabloids and celebrity magazines.

Lately, Scoopt announced it will sign a deal to install its software into 10 million mobile phones, according to founder Kyle MacRae, reports Scotland's The Sunday Herald.

"The company, is also considering a relocation to Silicon Valley." MacRae says: “One of the biggest challenges is how do we get people to know about us to send in their pictures. We are about to sign a deal which puts Scoopt software on 10 million handsets going into every market in the world except China. That is a pretty big deal for us, it will make a major difference.”

In related People Paparazzi developments...

Gawker Stalker was recently launched which allows users to post live, up-to-the second celeb sightings, cell photos, and even detailed Google maps to chart the goings-on of the famous.

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