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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Who's Really At The Top Of the Pyramid

I read about the government's nutrition website on the side panel of a multigrain Cheerios box and was intrigued. A chance to find out what I should be eating, what the new pyramid is all about, how to lead a healthier life, why not?

But it turns out that between me and a longer, happier life stands the GWOT (Global War On Terror), apparently.

MyPyramid Tracker will allow the USDA to instantly track the profitability of each bite of food taken by those Americans who sign up for the MyPyramid Tracker (an international version for American Exports is in the planning stages). The USDA will distribute the revenue and financial reporting information to the industry groups responsible for sponsoring the MyPyramid Tracker. Your part in helping the food industry track their product performance benefits American companies as they hone their focus on exactly which foods generate the most profit - which in turn benefits American consumers.

Due to commitments in support of the Global War On Terror (GWOT), the outsourcing organization responsible for developing MyPyramid Tracker is behind schedule on their cost-plus contract. There are no penalties or repercussions of any kind for this delay and at this point in time there is not an expected completion date. Please stay tuned for any updates, the next status report from the USDA's outsourcing partner is due December 31, 2005.

I'm guessing the gov't crunched some numbers to determine that more people are dying from terror than obesity.

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Anonymous said...

I think Osama's hiding in a cave in that pyramid's. Bomb it now!