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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oh no, Jack starts an hour early

While working out last night, I was horrified to see a promo for 24..."special two hours, beginning at 8/7 central." How could I forget that it was a special, two hours starting an hour early? There was no way I was going to make it home unless Jack showed up at the office to helilift me home.

Well, thanks to Tivo and Verizon, I no longer have to remember all the sinister devices network execs employ to deepen the hook they already have in me. WSJ reported today (3/7/06 B3) that Verizon and Tivo have partnered to turn cells into a novel Tivo remote. The service works with a small software program that Verizon customers can download to their handsets that can communicate back to their Tivo. The nickel and dime game continues, as the price is going to be additional $5 per month, but speaking from a guy trapped 45 minutes away from a program that starts in 30, it's a service worth considering.

FYI: Tivo penetration has nearly doubled each of the past few years. WSJ reports (via Magna Global Research) that there were just over 11MM subs to Tivo and other DVRs in '05, up from a little over 6MM in '04 and less than 3MM in '03.


El Gaffney said...

unless it brings back edgar stiles, i'm not paying for it. though if you were a real fan, you'd have set up the dvr to record the program weekly and they adjust for the start time change. now people can avoid having to do the last minute frantic call sunday night to aunt donna to tape desperate house wives on the vcr. one thing though, how many people will admit that they have a bad memory and will use this. seems like having to get the service upfront may be limiting. should let people use it for one time of, say $1.99. 411-style, won't think you need it until you are scatter-brained you again.

eferch said...

Agreed. Although not much in absolute terms, $5 per month for this feature is excessive. Service providers need to be better about bundling services and use unique partnerships as the differentiator as opposed to squeezing all they can for every data service - $5 for Tivo, $5 for in network unlimited, $15 for wi-fi, $10 for doesn't stop.

Speaking of spitting in the face of the man's incremental charges, I'm not hooked up to Tivo's service, but it works just the same: the only difference is I need to manually record each program I want, which explains why I don't have 24 season pass set up. Cost/benefit I guess.