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Friday, March 31, 2006

Industry: The argument for frequency

Like many of you, I once bought something from Bluefly. I am reminded of this by daily and sometimes twice or thrice daily emails from them, with a variety of different offers, announcements or other spammings.

I have gone through several stages with this. Interest, annoyance, anger, refusal to acknowledge, curiosity, acceptance.

Now, I have to admit with some chagrin, it works. When they tell me "private sale" I click, when they send me "Everything Prada 40% off" I'm browsing. Perhaps I'm particularly sad, but I'd like to aspire to being simply average. Even on the Internet, the classic annoy you to death strategy still works.

1 comment:

El Gaffney said...

so you're saying you didn't pay full price for those amazing tan and white heels you're wearing today? oh, the deception!