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Friday, March 31, 2006

Inbox of Immaturity

Last week Aki proposed that Inbox of Immaturity have an iconic image (or revolving one weekly) that highlights its immaturity. Because it was his idea, he gets the first one featured. Truly a feat and a feast for your eyes… or is it as the German in Three Amigos accused Ned Needlelender of – “trick photography”? In either case, back to your regularly scheduled link list...

5. The most amazing guy in the history of the world (besides Jack Bauer):
4. For the sports fans –hilarious comparison of Vince Young to Uncle Rico:
3. Pretty cool street drawings… too bad my buddies couldn’t get past his last name:
2. Goooooooooool! Thanks to Agenda for this find:
1. Yes, this is a real ninja… and tight song:

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