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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Trend: 8-Bit Nostalgia

Perhaps Donkey Kong and Pac Man are the Citizen Kane of our generation. I notice tons of 8-Bit Nostalgia from remakes and reissues of classic games to mash-up music players.

Super Mario Bros Sound Synthesizer

Make your own music with all the original sound samples.

YMCK hail from Japan and make fun music (think Stereolab meets Dangermouse) reminiscent of old 8-Bit Nintendo soundtracks.

Link to Video (@RocketBoom)
Magical 8-Bit Tour

Link to Sample Songs

And get your old-school game on with convenient Atari Flashback which packs multiple classics into one unit - and no more annoying cartridges to blow!

And view LIVE ACTION VERSION of MIKE TYSON PUNCH OUT (pre rapist jail sentence) here:


Spir20it said...

and see Junior Senior's video for "Move Your Feet" from their 2003 album...

Tim said...

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you can play all your favorite commodore c64 games in your webbrowser now.
great stuff, really.