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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mobile Nirvana One Step Closer

Remember that Orwellian scene in Minority Report when Tom Cruise uses someone else's eyeballs to disguise his identity and he starts getting custom ad messaging intended for the eyeless guy? We're not that far off, well, maybe the whole eyeball black market thing is a bit hyperbolic.

As discussed on this blog, here & here, the cashless society is gaining momentum, and it looks like we're moving closer to an all encompassing, one mobile device world.

The latest is Sony Ericcson and Google partnership to provide preloaded software into phones, making it easier for Blogger users to rant anytime they've got their phones. Granted, this is probably more exciting for the likes of Gawker than it is for us, but it's interesting to see how the mobile revolution keeps chugging along.

In related news, Smartphones are reaching critical mass, wireless week reports that an ABI research study is estimating that 15% of the total mobile phone market next year will be Smartphones.

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