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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Culture: Girls Weekend +1

Budget Travel asked women with whom they would most want to spend a girls-only weekend. Oprah (20.4%) won by a landslide. Numbers two and three were Jennifer Aniston(9.7%) and Rachel Ray (9.4%) . Nothing surprising among these top runners--all wholesome, hold their heads up through trial, do the right thing types. I can see how they would shake out in the lead.

What I was really interested in were 4-6:
Queen Latifah 7.8%
Susan Sarandan 6.8%
Angelina Jolie 6.3%

What do these three have in common? Maybe I'm missing something, but I wouldn't really want to vacation with any of these people (except Oprah, cause she'd pay for everything).


AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

Susan Sarandon? Who cares about her?

Spir20it said...

All I see is that they're the exact opposite of Oprah, Jen, and Rachel - kind-of ball-busters, 'go-against-the-flow' kind of women...I wonder who 7-9 were?

Adrian said...

How do you know that the people who answered were all women?

salina said...

good point. I seem to have missed the disclaimer:

NOTE: this is an unscientific survey of Budget Travel Online readers.

although, with the exception of hot Jennifer Aniston, I feel my question of who would want to vacation with these three still holds water.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

but the thing is...i don't see any dudes voting for Queen Latifah or Susan Sarandon to go vacation with either. I would expect more low-brow suggestions than this motly mix...could it be that the mag PROVIDED THE CHOICES? so, if one has to choose from preselecteds...i guess i'll take Susan Sarandon over Satan, too.