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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blogging for Interns – “Wanted: Fallon Planning Interns for Summer 2006 “

So the annual quest for the best and brightest summer intern candidates comes around again, and we figure that the most motivated and switched on candidates probably check out the various planning and agency blogs... Right? Well let's find out.

So if you think you’re one of them, and want an internship that lets (expects) you to really contribute, not just make the coffee and do photocopying, then drop me a line and start proving it. If you’re reading this blog you should be able to figure out how to get hold of me.

We typically take a handful of people but we’ll say yes to as many or as few as we think deserve it (BTW this is only for Fallon in Minneapolis, London et al will do their own thing).

Of course we can’t offer you anything financially, but you’ll genuinely get the chance to prove yourself… Three of our current planners were summers interns from the last two years who impressed us enough to be hired full time.

So if you’ve got it, we want it.


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Luca Vergano said...

Hi everybody,
I'm a planner in Italy with some international experience. I'd love to intern for a month in the summer if this means getting in touch with you and maybe have a chance of working with your agency.
My email is
please, drop a line if you feel like reading my resume.