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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Freeloader: Free iTunes Blog

I got this via But it is a fresh idea to keep as an ongoing topic string: FREE SHIT LINKS!

Free iTunes Blog

"We absolutely love free. Complaints start when we start paying, when we enter a contract with a company and — time and time again, almost invariably — they forget about our contracts and start lumping us up in with the faceless aggregate. But there's no lapsed service, no patronizing Customer Service exchanges when things are free — free is consumerist utopia."

"So we were delighted when fire-of-our-loins Gina Trapani over at Lifehacker pointed out this blog detailing all the stuff you can get for free over iTunes. Oh, it's not all cream — Dolly Parton's on there. But well worth adding to your RSS feed, if only to download the occasional song through iTunes that isn't helping fund the RIAA's lawsuit campaign against small children and lonely old grandmas without a computer."

Be free at:

AKI COMMENT: i will do my best to keep the FREELOADER POSTS coming. anybody know any fresh sites for FREE SHIZZLE, send me, or post under the FREELOADER title string.


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