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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Site Metrics: Blog Narcissism

As Minister of Bloggery, I'm finding myself inordinately concerned with looking at ourselves in the mirror of stats.

One absurd example is BlogShares ( which is steadily projecting our fantasy stock "value" on the increase, now at .84 per share, up from .29 in Feb.

While I admit this "value" means absolutely nothing in the real world, having such a valuation makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

BlogShares seems to value sites on their increases in INCOMING LINKS and OUTGOING LINKS-value is community - and association with other highly-valued communities boosts your own value. This is sort of like high-school cafeteria stock value - being friendly is worth something, but being friendly with the top dawgs makes you more valuable.

Since Feb when we were first listed we had 5 incoming links...about six weeks later we have 17 incomings.

BlogShares does present some interesting models for dimensional Blog value and reach. And in this age of overrated blog buyouts by big media conglomerates, increasingly something like this will be necessary to validate a blog's advertising worthiness or buyout potential.


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