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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Double True: Lawyers Again

No sooner had I made my IP lawyer rant than I found another classic "What were they thinking?" lawyer boo-boo.

NBC are going after youtube for hosting the SNL "Lazy Sunday" video that was going round like wildfire not so long ago.

Techdirt called it right in their headline:

NBC Lawyers Cut Off SNL's Best Promotional Vehicle In Years

This was a huge pulicity vehicle for SNL, yet the lawyers wanna shut it down and charge people $1.99 for it... Mmmmm good job Mr Lawyer! Let's talk about your bonus this year...

Don't think you can get the original even on google anymore, but there are plenty of scene for scene copies..


eferch said...

Classic example of what not to do re: brand hijack. Is it possible that allowing free viral spread of a brilliant skit might attract back long since exited SNL viewers and add vitality to a staid program? No, make as much as possible in the short term. Charge $2. Bravo.

El Gaffney said...

that's really surprising given that they were giving it away as a free video download on itunes. i was sure they understood the power of this clip for their viewer base. apple certainly realized its potential to motivate people to buy the video iPod. if only we could get these lawyers to stop scott van pelt from killing it on sportscenter. (lebron's dunk DNE crazy delicious like mr. pibb and red vines.)