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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Trend: Blogging built into hardware.

Gizmodo tipped me off to this, it's Nokia's Lifeblog. It's PC only software combined with certain phones that allow you to maintain an ongoing journal and/or blog of all your photos, video, texts, etc. Bowsing the Nokia site isn't that informative. It's filled with unfortunate marketing-isms like "Lifeblog is organic," "feed it, watch it grow." OK that's nice sounding copy but what the f**k does it do?

Fortunately for Nokia, Frankie Roberto's blog was much more helpful. Thank God, consumers are willing to fill in for marketers these days.

At any rate, this seems pretty cool. It's a natural for a handset manufacturer as the phone is now so much a part of every aspect of life.

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John Erik Metcaf said...

great blog, found it somehow via

a similar service, kinda, to lifeblog is radar ( it was released at Demo, this year.

seen here:

I'm on it and I'm really enjoying it.