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Friday, January 27, 2006

Trend: Teen Shopping

Teens view search on a par with magazines when researching fashion buys

Among teens, search is on equal footing with magazines for discovering new fashion brands, though most buy offline because they don't own credit cards, writes InternetRetailer, citing a Yahoo survey. Half of teens age 15-19 who had shopped for apparel at least once in the previous three months reported using search - more than TV ads and fashion websites - to find clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry.

Some 68 percent reported using the web to find information on fashion trends and as a way to learn about unfamiliar labels. Half said they planned to use search the next time they sought information on clothes or accessories; 61 percent said they used Yahoo search to access fashion information online.


>Overall, 50% reported using search to find clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry, saying they turn to search more than television ads and fashion web sites when researching such products.

>In view of the findings, search marketing campaigns and web sites targeting teens with fashion news and merchandise should be built for information as opposed to streamlining the actual purchase process, recommends Diane Rinaldo, director of the retail category for Yahoo Search Marketing.

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