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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Industry: Jamming Telemarketing

The Direct Marketing sector regards the telephone as one of its most successful tools. Consumers experience telemarketing from a completely different point of view: more than 92% perceive commercial telephone calls as a violation of privacy. Telemarketers make use of a telescript - a guideline for a telephone conversation. This script creates an imbalance in the conversation between the marketer and the consumer. It is this imbalance, most of all, that makes telemarketing successful. The EGBG Counterscript attempts to redress that balance.

MAGNUS COMMENT: For all people hate us in advertising, thank the lord we don't work in telemarketing.


Danielle said...

Telephone marketing has been one of the tools in our different industry nowadays. This become helpful for everyone in every other way. That is why, telemarketing has been one of the techniques businesses has been using to gain and have it a boost.


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Sonia said...

Yes, the telephone is one of the most effective sales tools today. Telemarketing has its advantages and disadvantages. Despite the risks of facing having to face those disadvantages, businesses still venture into telemarketing. What amazes me is that the call center agents still work hard for that quota despite the disadvantages.

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