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Friday, January 20, 2006

Culture: Guantanamo trip for your choice of T shirt?

Check this out - danish clothing brand.
They say that because they send profits to 'terrorist' organisations (eg FARC) that buying from them means risking Jack Bauer kicking in your door and slinging your ass in a CIA jail... Well they don't quite say it like that but that's the gist.

To quote from their homepage:

Legal Notice

To be a Fighters+Lovers costumer you must be 18 years or older. When you buy Fighters+Lovers products you might experience legal problems because of US or EU "antiterrorist" legislation, outlawing financial support to organizations labeled as "terrorists", including the PFLP and the FARC. But anyway, when was the last time you listened to someone who told you what you couldn't wear?

Can't decide whether the CIA et al would genuinely give two shits about this or if it's just an example of political and/or risk marketing by Danish firm "Fighters and lovers". Reminds me a bit of something like Death Cigarettes, with some politics mixed in for good measure.

The fact that their slogan seems to be "Streetwear for the generation that dares." kind of spoils the whole effort if you ask me.

Can certainly imagine lots of people loving it as much as those who are shocked. I really hope Bill O'Reilly covers it, just to see him at his sad apoplectic best.

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