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Friday, January 20, 2006

Culture: User-Created Content (that bites you in the ass)

Re the posts about the powers/dangers of co-creation: The videos below on Google are a neat illustration of brand zealots who do as much harm as good for a brand…

It’s obviously become the cool thing for M car owners to go out onto a local road and film their mates pushing the car as hard as possible, regardless of who else is on the road.

As the soundtrack to the first shows, to the core buyer for M cars it’s the ultimate car-porn, but to most people it probably just confirms their worst fears that bimmer owners are complete dicks.

Perhaps it’s just another lesson from our more empowered age to marketers that in they never have “owned” their brands, nor controlled them, and they never will. Consumers are now just more able to demonstrate that than ever before.

Orgasms from almost taking out two other cars on the road:

Just plain nuts: (check out the last 20seconds):

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