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Monday, January 30, 2006

Trend: People Ranking

to add to your comment below Sarah,

Check out and for up-to-date Man Rankings as collected and contributed by women. More of the potentially dark side of "The Power Of Us" (or not, depending on your POV). As implied, these sites take the eBay/Epinions/CarMax formula and collectively posts SERVICE AND PERFORMANCE REVIEWS OF EX-BOYFRIENDS, so you can avoid the problem boys. No guy can resist at least checking that he is not listed (I checked. I'm clear. Whew.). And as much as this could be a useful guide for alerting girldom to the faulty model men, it does lack the basic cross-examination rights owed to the wrongly-accused.

Quoted from
" is a database that searches and ranks men's past relationship history. Our worldwide "Rate-a-Guy" database survey ranks men's infidelity, hygiene, education, manners, finances, sexual performance, abusive behavior, marriage and commitment potential, general comments and more. Our system automatically tallies the number of total votes and ranks them into a graph percentage form."

Imagine HR getting these links before deciding to hire you?

inversely, fo' da fellas...goto,,, to post your side of the story.

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ppeaches said...

the next guy says i love you , your a good women and what iam looking for and god sent you iam going to scream call them a lier and say oh no god didnot sent me fedx did and the messed up i am at wrong zip code , i dont understand men theyre like firecracker comein with a bang and fizzle quickly with there lines i just hada guy who made me trust him i believed every lie he loved me and all sudden he says i cannot see you i am in a finaial bad way have problems and about to have a breakdown he said i dont want to talk to you or see you. he persude me till he got me to let my guard down, he knew i had spent a year hurting over being wroned by an x husband then here this thing comes and plays me men are dogs i will not trust another one of them iam going to start being a bitch and trat them like crap for thats the only thing these morans understand they dont like decent good women,, men are either players cheater impudent homsexual bisexual or perverts child molesters and liars i am fed up with there childish games