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Monday, January 09, 2006

Fashion: Vitamin Enriched Underwear

Vitamin Enriched Underwear
Aussiebum, an Australian underwear company, has just introduced their newest line of underwear, called Essence. The underwear is made from microfibre, which is treated with acerola (a fruit high in vitamin c and antioxidents) and other "organic substances." These ingredients remain active for 15 washes, and can be "reactivated." What's fascinating about this technology are other potential enrichments: Think caffeine, nicotine (or the opposite, the new patch), Viagra...the possibilities are endless...

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AKI COMMENT: We're still awaiting the FUNCTIONAL CLOTHING revolution that we've been promised since the NASA Moon Race. OK, Sweat Wicking, Antibacterial and Temperature Regulation (Nike DRI-Fit and many DuPont technology underwear and socks) have made a few smoldering sparks. But while FUNCTIONAL FOODS have been making great gains in mass ubiquity, FUNCTIONAL CLOTHING still lags behind anything truly "Wow" or Mass (perhaps, not withstanding the Edible Underwear innovation).
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