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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Industry: Ad Agency Deathwatch Continues

TV Ads Made Quick and Cheap on the Net

A Los Angeles-based start-up launched a service Wednesday that allows companies to create television ad campaigns over the Internet for as little as $500 and as quickly as within one week. Spot Runner lets advertisers select a generic commercial from its library, personalize the ads and target customers by demographics, networks and neighborhoods.

Advertisers can buy air time on major networks, including local broadcast and cable channels like CNN and ESPN. The company was formed by Nick Grouf and David Waxman who previously founded Firefly Network and PeoplePC.

Source: CNet News
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eferch said...

If I was small business owner, I would look at this very seriously. Some of the commercials are quite good, esp relative to current spot advertising - i.e. Second Wind "why buy new when slightly used will do, except when the deals are this good" (real copy, I BS you not). Or, the All American Recreation where "all we sell is fun." Just a matter of time before 'stock' made it's way to TV.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

Let's be REAL HONEST WITH OURSELVES...industrywide, much segment "creative" follows a convention, BANKING, INSURANCE, UTILITY COMPANY - all feature the slo-mo "slice-of-life" segments of generic couple gazing lovingly at their first home, multicultural couple playing with kids on windswept beach, proud grandma watching kid graduate, youth getting his first job. Why not just "INSERT YOUR LOGO HERE" and save the money+time to reshoot these generic stock images. If agencies+clients have concluded these conventions are "surefire" (they must be, we've lived with them for decades) then skip the pretense and commoditize the images. And those few who actually work outside of these conventions prob won't have much to worry about.