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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Media: Roof Wanted for Google Maps Ad

"Ohmygod. Here's a great way to make some extra cash. Call Target immediately and tell them you have a rooftop just waiting to be painted—for just a measly $10,000 or so. You see, it looks like advertisers have realized that with Google's online satellite pics on Google Maps, there is a completely untapped space for more eyes to see their logos. And though this (probably fake) pic is of a Target store, why not lease out your own rooftop? Or even a bald head. It does give me a creepy feeling to think that this is the next step in our over-advertised world, but only until I start thinking of all the cash that's gonna be rolling in once I join the Google AdRooftop network. Google Maps prompts advertising on roofs [The Inquirer] Comment on this post "

This is actually pretty genius, I wish I'd thought of it


AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

this may not be so fake. i noticed once on a plane ride that TARGET had the logo on the roof, i remember thinking that was a clever attention to detail to provide me with that moment of delight at thinking i was the only one to notice the bullseye from above. perhaps airlines could put relevant messages on rooftops to remind you why u should switch, or give u a air puzzle to solve en route. a plane full of people would all think they are the only ones being spoken to in code en route.

El Gaffney said...

I got that same "in-the-know" high when looking out of the PATH train into Manhattan from Hoboken only to see a flipbook-style Snapple ad playing on the dark subway tunnel wall. Who actually places the series in that creepy place? What's Snapple up to these days? Wendy stuff? Anyway, it was really cool and entertaining the first time - benefitted from a media is the message deal like wild postings used to. But when you find out that your not quite in the know, it's always a little disheartening. What I find more interesting is "being spoken to in code". I made a prediction that brands would employ Da Vinci Code like tactics - puzzles, hidden messages, equations - to engage their consumers and celebrate/reward their intelligence. May not have happened yet, but that's cause we don't really read. After the movie, it should really explode. Tom Hanks is the best. True that. Double True.

dj mirateck (Michael Miraflor) said...

this is real, right next to o'hare (sp?) airport outside of chicago. its clearly visible upon descent and was intentionally painted to catch the eyeballs of airline passengers.

i actually found this while playing around with Google maps about 6 months ago. i showed it to the agency i was working at, and they dismissed it. idiots.