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Monday, January 09, 2006

Tech: HDTV Crossover Agogo

Dell's been there for a while. Now news that HP is going to branch out into making Plasma TVs..

Go, go HP and try to get in there with the other HDTV makers
this year. The computer maker showed a whole line-up of TVs at CES, from a
37-inch Advanced Digital Media LCD TV with built-in digital media receiver, to
the 50-inch Plasma PL5060N, with more than a billion colors, an integrated
HDTV/Analog tuner and a PC input so you can directly connect your PC to the

Clearly this is the year consumers are meant to go HD. But while it makes sense from a supply chain perspective for computer companies to parlay their LCD screen experience into TV displays, are consumers ready to go with them?

The big news, though, will come tomorrow. It's time for the Steve Jobs show - apparently it will be 90 minutes of new products... What's coming? Well, probably an Intel based laptop. But more interestingly, and more relevantly for this post, maybe, maybe an Apple branded TV (iPlasma? iWatch?)... Of course, not everyone is so sure. We'll find out tomorrow at 9am Pacific...

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