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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Industry: Death of the Ad Agency: Media Model 2.0

EBay pitches an open market for media buying

For some marketers, the invention of a transparent system of buying and reselling TV and radio airtime is the Holy Grail of the advertising business; even Enron once tried to pitch the ad industry on the creation of a media market modeled on its energy trading business. Online auction house eBay is trying an auction model, and reportedly made a pitch yesterday to leading national advertisers and trade association representatives.

via MediaPost Communications

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Adrian said...

It's only a short time before we read about media execs indicted on charges of trading ad space derivatives. One of the big buying houses will be unraveled as a house of cards. I can see it now.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

The madly successful video podcast Rocketboom, which garners 130,000 downloads per day, has HAS DECIDED TO ACCEPT ADVERTISING AND WILL DO SO BY AUCTIONING OFF AD TIME ON eBAY. Rocketboom, produced by Andrew Baron and anchored by Amanda Congdon, will require the winning bidder to relinquish creative control and allow Baron and Congdon to create the ad. If the advertiser does not like what Rocketboom creates, the deal is off. Separate from the auction, and in the future, Rocketboom says they will consider any company and their post-roll ad.

UPDATE: Baron clarifies writing us, "The advertiser will relinquish all control. If we get a high bidder, they will pay us right away. Then we will make the ads and play them on Rocketboom whether they like the ads or not. They will understand that by placing a bid, they give up complete control to us to do what we will."

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

check out Rocketboom's latest adverrtising model at this link: