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Monday, January 09, 2006

Trend: Animals Revolt!

Mouse burns down its killer's home
John Q. Sancchez says: "A homeowner in New Mexico found a mouse in his home and threw it onto the pile of burning leaves in his backyard--but the mouse got his revenge by running back into the house, while on fire, and burning it down.

AKI COMMENT: Might this be the start of a burgeoning animal-revolt trend and/or the impending apocalypse (see recent weather disasters and war developments)?

Source: Boing Boing


Adrian said...

That's some wierd shit, a mouse burns down a house you say?


eferch said...

I didn't know waxing poetic actually had to be poetic...mouse, house. that's clever.

salina said...

looks like the mouse may not have scortched the house.