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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Trend: Conscious Consumption: (Product)RED Propaganda

Bono Edits UK Newspaper

Today's edition of the British newspaper, The Independent, is edited by rock star and social activist Bono, with a cover designed by Damian Hirst.

The featured headline: "No News Today." In small type at the bottom of the cover, Bono elaborates, "Just 6,500 Africans died today as the result of a treatable, preventable disease (HIV/AIDS)."

Half the proceeds from the special edition will be donated to Bono's(Product)RED campaign, a world-wide branding effort to fight AIDS in Africa.

In an editorial, Bono writes, "I am as sick of messianic rock stars as the next man, woman and child. I am also tired of average work being given extra weight because it's attached to something with real gravitas, like the Aids emergency." But Bono is undeterred: "Right now, people you will never meet, who will never be able to thank you, are depending on you for the life-saving drugs which buying this paper will buy. For those people, my motivation or our (RED) motivation is irrelevant."


Andrew Hovells said...

Great idea, but the Independent is a middle class, liberal leaning paper. If he really wanted to reach, and inform, perhaps he should have had a go at editing The Sun, or the Daily Mail.
How good would it have been to have it edited by a reader?

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