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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Extra Optical Inch

Norelco is back with a new BodyGroom shaver, which, as far as I know, is a first in honestly addressing MEN'S FULL BODY SHAVING "NEEDS" - that includes the under-attended butt and groin regions. They take on the issues in a humourous double-entendre Maxim-meets-Spike-at-the-pub manner at this website. A suitably-cast smarmy guide counsels men about the product features and leads "test drives" fraught with more entendre.

But I am most impressed with their insight of the "extra optical inch" benefit that the product provides. I think a Golden Brief (no pun intended) is in order for the planner who sourced this unique USP and A) pushed the insight to the client, and B) got it approved by the client. It is clear these guys are pushing less "a fancy new shaver" (e.g. the 6-bladed Gillete Mach 85+Fusion) so much as a male vanity grooming movement. Tough climb perhaps, but these approaches may get them there.

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