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Monday, May 01, 2006

Best Buy hack

This is pretty funny. A group called Improv Everywhere gathered together 50 folks, dressed them in blue shirts and khakis and had them go to a Best Buy store in Manhattan and just be helpful. They've detailed their experiences with a lot of photos, video and text. Not suprisingly, the reception ranged from bemused to frosty. The Blue shirts are sort of sacred for Best Buy. This makes you realize why having brand icons that can't be easily copied is a good idea.


AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

yeah, this crew did a particularly fresh prank a few years ago by dressing up as U2 and playing a live concert on a rooftop at Madison Square Garden...the expected confusion blocked traffic as fans gathered to snap photos. Police arrested them and let them go when they saw it was a bunch of comedians who looked nothing like U2 up close.

Anonymous said...

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It's a really nioce commercial, but I think they had used another color of polo shirt, something more colorful, like orange or yellow.... Anyway, the commercial is cool.