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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Google Trend Part Deux - Still got that trademark google speed-to-usefulness going good.

Funny the two new little blue words "google trends" is the first thing that catches planners attention when they go online!
What I love about this, though I guess it's not that different to the other free web tracking services available, is again the sheer google simplicity and what I'd call "Speed to Usefulness".

First thing I clicked on was "flu" because of the ongoing internal debates over friend/client advice about how prepared their families & work places are for a flu/other pandemic of some kind.

Straight away googletrends tells me something interesting/useful and potentially insightful (at least to hypothesize from). It tells me the geographic location of the online news chatter on flu:

1) Jakarta - where Avian Flu is a clear and present danger (sorry, couldn't resist!)
2)Washington - draw from that your own spin smokescreen / real danger conclusions

Love it! - speed-to-usefulness or perhaps for us it's speed-to-insight. Even better, it's not just fast it's free...

Lets start benchmarking all our research tools, and those our clients use on a cost and speed to insight measure. I know already that on many accounts I'd happily dump 90% of the research and put more effort (& simply more sample size) into the truly fruitful remaining 10%.

Less, better done. Not more done poorly.

Which brings me to all the building work I see going on around the city at the moment, and why it's the same sorry story as how most American restaurants operate... but that's another post.


Anonymous said...


Ok, Google Trend is nice, but a lot of words are censored or have not enough clicks for stats, so:

The "real" google trend is:

It is running in beta since more then a year and out now as a google lab tool.

By the way, i like your blog, move on!

Greetz from Germany

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