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Monday, May 15, 2006

Google Trends: Norm MacDonald can't catch a break

Feel bad for Norm MacDonald. No, not because his dad was his homeroom teacher for 2 years in middle school or because he can't find success post-SNL. Feel bad for Norm MacDonald because one of Google's latest offerings, Google Trends, disproves Norm's long-held theory that Germans love David Hasselhoff. Ok, so the debunking data set is limited to online searches - but if you don't love a guy enough to Google-stalk him, is it really love?

The Trends tool graphs search frequency, calling out peaks that coincide with news events dating as far back as 2004. It also identifies cities, regions, and languages where the term is most searched (calculated relative to total Google search volume). E.g. "Earthquake" is most searched for in San Diego, Pleasanton, CA and San Francisco. It's still a work in progress - it hasn't even made it into Beta yet - but worth a look.

Neither Norm MacDonald nor David Hasselhoff should lose heart just yet. Norm, Germans may still love David Hasselhoff, just not as much as the rest of the world. And David, even though you've been through some rocky times lately, the Irish, Norwegians, and Aussies still love you. Well, online, anyway.

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