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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Intelligent design becoming the topic that polarizes most

According to Wired, we may start to see normally mild-mannered and reserved scientists, rip off their lab coats and take to the streets for some fisticuffs. The issue is that: "despite 150 years of research and a near-universal scientific consensus behind them, evolutionists are losing the public relations battle to intelligent design advocates." The reason: "(Intelligent design supporters) tell a simple story, one that a 6-year-old can understand."

Sounds like a familiar story...

The scientists are about to get some help courtesy of a new film, Flock of Dodos, that Wired calls "a gentler Super Size Me." It opens at the Tribeca Film Festival this month.

Sadly this too seems like a very familiar strategy. It's classic liberal American protest. Faced with an enemy who works at the level of remedial sound bites, they say, I know, lets make an art film, that'll shut them up.


AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

intelligently designed...BY ALIENS!

EVOTERRESTIRALISM answers all this. lift the veil of superstition and pseudo-science off your eyes.

Our creator is an alien.

Lachlan said...

Do you think if you had an infinite number of liberals, with infinite chances to make a strong rebuttal thay would eventually produce one? Or do they need an intelligent designer for a PR effort so complex? ;-)

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