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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Urban Spam: Birth of a movement?

The folks at PSFK have put together a video (see link) decrying the explosion of urban advertising and messaging. They actually go so far as labeling it "urban spam", a catchy and instantly graspable concept. Have PSFK identified a growing movement or are they, themselves trend watchers, attempting to create one?

In many environments, I think some of this stuff actually adds a unique texture, energy and sense of diversity to the urban experience. But clearly, there can be too much of a good thing. Are we there? What is the difference between "urban spam" and adding an unexpected and enjoyable urban moment? (I think I just answered my own question) Can we resist making the urban experience the annoying, cluttered world that is broadcast TV? Past experience would seem to suggest we will #@!$ it up before we learn a thing called "good judgement".


Piers Fawkes said...

Thanks for the link. Actually - our thinking all started when Graham Hill of Treehugger gave a presentation in NYC last February where he talked about the 'End Of In-Between' - then Russell Davies started using the term on his blog. So we monitored it for a whil. Then we went on an agency tour where I presented 'The End Of Inbetween' as a trend worth and it always seemed something difficult for ad execs to deal with. Last week on the tour, Martin at SS+K asked me if the ad industry realized that this was a growing feeling - and I found it hard to say yes.

russell davies said...

I first heard 'urban spam' used by Rob Forbes of Design Within Reach. He defined it as "when private industry makes a mess of public areas".