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Friday, July 28, 2006

Planning Conference: Different Agendas

Was chatting with Murray this morning (who had been watching some of the APG web casts, but had not seen any breakouts) and it occurred to me that a lot of grumbles at the APG seem to always be on one of the following three complaints:

1) Too much theory! It was just blah blah!
2) Just showed cool work, no thinking!
3) Why is it all about marketing & planning? Just inspire us with something new!

Different planners (and co-conspirators, to adopt our blog definition) will never agree on anything, never mind what a planning conference should be about!

So perhaps a little labeling or signposting of different events at the conference would be good way forward. For starters I would suggest just these three, to give folks a clear choice -

-Planning Craft
-Theory (& Future Blah)

Russell is hitting on a similar theme...while apparently worrying that he's a prancing gonzo fool here. And I would also like to second (third/fourth) his call for shorter time slots in general, but not as a rule - to disagree with him I think most people could have listened to Dr. Bob for far longer, and each of the pretesting presentations for far less time.

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