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Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Breed of Detectives

UA Medical Anthropologists Seek Links Between Society and Health

Some new detective ideas? Discussion of culture in Brazil. Health repercussions of modernization among Samoans.

Dr. Dressler on modernization in Brazil: "What we are finding is that there are two competing ideals among Brazilians — a disagreement among the people between the traditional view of the extremely warm, fun-loving, sensuous individuals, and the new, ever-growing population of the serious, 9 to 5, individualistic working mentality," said Dressler. "We are studying how Brazilians see their own culture — what does it mean to be a Brazilian? Where conflicts over cultural ideals such as these occur, it sets up the likelihood of both psychological and social stress, which in turn can be potent risk factors for disease. It's interesting how these conflicting ideals play out in an individual's life as it relates to the risk of disease."

Dr. Kathryn Oths: "That from culture group to culture group, what seems to be the most salient health problem can differ, and that it is culturally shaped too.

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