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Friday, July 07, 2006

Movie Poster Culture Remix

Here are some Russian Folk Art interpretations of movies done by Andrey Kuznetsov. Plenty more to be seen here.. Which reminded me of some renditions from other cultures...



These adaptations give us a pretty interesting insight into how others view American themes and cultures. It only reaffirms that when branding across cultural lines we must refurbish the execution and refocus the idea. Think of how Bollywood takes familiar storylines and resets them for their audience. Example: Bollywood Fight Club (check out the trailers). Then they remixed Spiderman comics for Indian audiences. I've seen the same thing in plenty of chinese movies. If you've ever wondered how awesome a Kung-Fu version of Patrick Swayze's Ghost would be, then I can tell you with pretty good authority that it's awesome. It works both ways of course. Notice the recent surge at repurposing Japanese horror movies like The Grudge and The Ring. A very indepth study on how the pornography industry rebrands storylines will be forthcoming.

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