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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fashion: Targèt Couture

Target recently licensed its logo and name to a consulting firm, Brand Central LLC, for use in a new line of high-end clothing called Targèt Couture (pronounced "Tar-zhay"). The line of products, which range from $140 pair of jeans to an $870 Swarovski Crystal clutch purse to $3,185 gold diamond necklace, can be found at the trendy L.A. boutique, Intuition.

As a Midwesterner who's frequented Target since the late 70s/early 80s and takes credit for inventing the name Targèt, I find this new line to be rather silly. But hey, even the celebrity snobs need their dose of Target. I am sure most of them wouldn't be caught dead buying a $25 pair of Mossimo jeans.

In all sincerity, I give props to Target. They are probably the only discount store brand that could pull this off. Seriously, could you imagine this on the ass of your jeans?

Me neither.


AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

Well, one beauty of brand licensing is THE BRAND LICENSOR (in this case Target) TAKES NO FINANCIAL RISK ON RENTING OUT THE BRAND TO ANOTHER COMPANY WHO WANTS TO SELL CRAP WITH THE BORROWED LOGO ON IT. In fact, Target probably gets paid by Brand Central and Shop Intuition or some factory-manufacturer whether one pair of jeans gets sold or not (though there is likely to be some deep discounts on the gamble to see if it flys well) .

Most fashion brand licenses are about taking a high-end brand and selling it down (way down) to discounters (think Levi's Signature licensed to Wal-Mart, or Ralph Lauren Chaps licensed and sold in Kohl's and Sam's Club) thus ruining the high brand image, and ruining the opportunity for higher-pricing (who wants to buy Levi's for $120 when u can get Levis Signature for $12 at Wal-Mart?) for the lucrative, yet temporary, trade-off of lots of units sold to masses who may never fit your brand image but feel oh-so-good that they have Laurens on (even if it is cheapie Lauren Chaps, not Lauren Purple Label).

I actually like that these guys (Target) are nervy enough to swim upstream and sell a discounter brand up to the high-end boutiques. That's ballsy whether they succeed or fail!

And best yet, it's a can't lose scenario that doesn't damage the Target brand whatsoever, even if it fails (when else will a lowly discounter get fashion press coverage, for instance?). And if it succeeds...well mo' money, mo' money!

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