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Monday, July 10, 2006

Art of the Air-Sickness Bag

Aviation aficionados come in many flavors, and each flavor seems to have its own online museum.

There's the mainstream: the planespotters, who spot and/or photograph planes. Some try to capture a photo of every plane in an airline's fleet, or of every model. See their exploits in the photo archives of

Others photograph the meals and menus onboard their flights.

And then there are the folks who collect and photograph flight attendant uniforms, or airline spoons, ... or, inevitably, air sickness bags, a.k.a. barf bags.

Enter, the web's repository for images of the bag you hope you'll never need to use. The site, run by Rune Tapper of Sweden, contains images of 1034 bags from 438 airlines in 129 countries, with an eye for interesting graphic design.

Feel free to send Mr. Tapper the (empty) bag from your next flight!



Author said...

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katiesuzannecook said...
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KT said...

A few years ago, EasyJet, a discount airline out of Europe, teamed up with Klick Photopoint, UK's largest independent photo processor, to brand air-sick bags that double as mail-in photo processing envelops.

If travelers make it through the flight without losing their cookies, they can use the bag to develop their photo pics and have them posted on the web in a private album.

Pretty good idea if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

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