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Friday, July 14, 2006

Trend: Bankrupt!: Oprah's Debt Diet

Ok, Murray has convinced me! Or Oprah has convinced me! Whatever, I am convinced!

The answer is Oprah. Oprah can, indeed, save us all.

I know, I was resistant, too. I laughed when Murray responded to my "Trend:Bankrupt!" posts with the recommendation of "Oprah" those zeolots on the train who answer every question with "Jesus". But I have caught some late nite episodes of Oprah's 5-Part Debt Diet series and, dammit, I am now trimming out my own needless expenses and saving "as much as $13,000" from unneeded daily purchases like Starbucks and take-outs.

There is something oddly therapeutic about seeing others' debt travails. And others' successes. Something about the can-do-ness of these shows is motivating me to eliminate debt out of my life. How does such a perversely-rich TV star make me feel so comforted about my spending flaws? Oprah seems to actually...know me.

Could Oprah actually convince the whole nation to moderate their spending, too?

For the record I am not turning soft or anything. I am only watching Oprah for the Debt episodes, honest! For work purposes, you know, looking critically at pop culture and stuff. Really!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

13,000 on starbucks..aki..come on. I drink 2 a day and only account for 1600 year.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

but did u add in the muffins?

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