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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Spark! There It Was.

10 of us mofs went to the AAAA Planning Conference in Miami this week and now we're back to the grind...and I mean, The Grind—Eric Nice-style since tonight is Fallon's 25th Anniversary Summer Party. So before we all (the royal we) come in hungover tomorrow and the weekend comes and we move onto the next thing, I thought I'd issue a simple challenge to each individual attendee from our department: 1 Spark Post.

Thankfully our collective delay has allowed time for others to do some very good recaps—Plannerliness, Brains On Fire, Gareth Kay's Brand New by Steve, Russell Davies of course—and some of the content is online—AAAA Webcasts, Piers Fawkes' Breakout Session.

Thus, if we can find (or create) the time and fulfill our role to add something useful (rather than right), I'm sure those who did not (and did) attend will be grateful...and hopefully inspired. Thanks, Seth

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