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Friday, July 21, 2006

Trend: Mashups: No-Danger-ous

Danger Mouse burst into the public spotlight, marrying Jay-Z to the Beatles in what is known as The Grey Album. (Trivia: His original files for the songs were labeled "The Black-White Album".) Now Sound Advice has done the same with his group Gnarls Barkley (DM and Cee-Lo) and the legendary Notorious B.I.G. - not all from the Ready To Die disc as the image would suggest. It's called gnarls BIGGIE. Enjoy.

Pretty good, though I'd take the Frank Sinatra + the black Frank White (Biggie) mashup over it anyday. (Sorry, you have to
purchase.) Anyway, let's see how the dynamic duo plays it. Apparently mp3's have already been removed from MySpace and the like, so I'd get there fast. You'd think that Danger Mouse would be sensitive to the project, but I highly doubt it. For a guy who wants to be the first real music director.

Shout out to Protein Feed

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