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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Trend: User-Created: Hip-Hop's "Unwelcome Attention": Bubbly Wars

See here, here, and here for the funny saga of the snooty frenchmen who regret hip-hop's endorsement of their pricey grape juice, and Jay-Z's declaration of war on the ingrates.

This week in Cristal Bubbly Wars:

-Beyoncé switched to “lighter” drinks at a recent music awards show, said a spokesman.
-Rihanna said she would toast the success of her new song "SOS", a remake of British duo Soft Cell’s Tainted Love, which is high in the American pop charts, “with something not Cristal”.
-Lil Kim has joined the anti-Cristal movement. Last year, when she was facing jail on perjury charges, she toasted her farewell in Cristal. Upon her release last week she stocked her July 4 party with Krug.

Take dat, Frenchies!

And, still not knowing when to keep a loud mouth shut, Louis Roederer Cristal has issued another dumb statement saying Jay-Z’s accusations of racism were “unjust”, but adding that it had been “a little bit dismayed at seeing our wine being sprayed around in celebration rather than being sipped”, a comment on a common scene in rap videos which may have compounded the original sense of injury.

Why won't this dude just please stay quiet? Is there no P/R fireman over there? Sheesh.

I do admit, though, there is indeed a pathetic irony in hip-hop's enthusiasm to give a united voice to the silly issue of champagne branding over so many other pressing issues where these artists could have massive impact. But maybe this could spark a hip-hop movement to espouse eating more of our veggies or retirement saving and investing money! Youth education? Driving an economically-sensible auto? Carpooling? No? Eh.


El Gaffney said...

Remember Vote Or Die, started by Diddy... but sabotaged by Paris Hilton, who though featured in ads, never even bothered registering to vote. And she's still alive. As much as I take issue with the message coming through in many 50 Cent lyrics, he seems to believe strongly in education. His G-Unity foundation is doing some good things. And he while doesn't promote healthy eating, he does want you to drink vitamin-enhanced water (as long as it's the grape flavor). Recent rappers have no unified voice though - the West Coast just had a conference to define themselves, the South just wants to keep their sound fresh and East Coast is just trying to replace Jay. And that's why my music library's getting more and more electronic and my jeans keep getting tighter.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

You heard that new club banger about investing in a solid 401K? That shit is tight!

Anonymous said...

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